Oriental tales speak of the goddess of thunder taking the form of a white wolf. Wolfkami can manipulate the power of nature to its will. Its fast movements can be a headache for its rivals.

Overview Edit

Role: Curser(?)

Wolfkami is one of the old monster that can be unlocked through Recruitment Tavern. But now it changes into invite friend in social, so i don't know how to unlock it.


  • Very Fast
  • Decent power
  • Poison
  • Dmg Reduction
  • Moderate Thunder dmg + low thunder dmg to all enemies
  • Nice design


  • Mediocre trait and life (Worse than Rabidex and Fliploch)
  • Special uses one turn to charge then release in next turn (Seriously)
  • Skill group 3 use around 40 stamina
  • Only do dmg reduction + poison

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Volt Storm (40 AoE Thunder dmg / 41s, 2 turn CD)
  • Force of Nature (60 Nature Dmg / 42s, 2 turn CD)
  • Lightning Rod / Blue Ussain ( Lightning Rod for 20 Thunder dmg + AoE low thunder dmg / 46s, 3 turn CD) / (Ussain for 40 Thunder dmg / 19s, 1 turn CD)
  • Anything from Skill group 2
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