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Wisteria made a pact with the Devil, and now she’s very powerful. But as always, dealing with the Devil comes at a price: she has the soul of a crow and only has the power to control these scary creatures.

Role: Curser


Wisteria, the witch that made pact with the devil (probably Barbatos). Despite being dictated by the game as a “support”, she works like an all-around curser based on her movepool. She is still great but not a considerable choice due to her flaws.


  • Great variety of status effects
  • 100% Stamina Drain
  • Decent stats
  • Stun
  • Special has Possession
  • Great Relic slots


  • Absurd stamina costs (highest being her 100% Stamina drain move which has a whopping 50s!)
  • Bad trait
  • Stun is only 50% chance
  • Special is terrible damage-wise (AoE 25 Dark dmg + Possession)
  • High cooldowns


  • NER monsters will mostly make her useless.
  • She has a decent speed but still can be denied due to her awful trait, so monsters like Ledovech, Freeza, and Teashire will shut her down.
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