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Viability Ranking Edit

The Viability Ranking is, similar to Monster Legends Competitive Wiki, a list of all Epic monsters in order of skill. This list goes from OP Rank, where only the best Epics are listed, to the F Rank, where only Epics that are easily outclassed by others are listed. Note that stats are at level 90.

Useful Links Edit

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Special Skills Ranking - Here you will find all of the Epics monsters' special skills ranked!

OP Rank Edit

These epics are OP compared to other epics. They are the best to use, and they could probably beat most Rank B to Rank E legendaries.

S Rank Edit

These monsters are the best epics to use in the game. They cut short of OP due to lower stats, trait quality, etc. They are very strongly recommended in Epic team wars. They outclass some old legendaries like Nebotus, Rockantium, Thundhare, Lagerchaun, Thorder, and Vadamagma.




A Rank Edit

These monsters are worse than the above tiers but still perform greatly and occassionally overpowers lowest ranked Legendaries. They are still a great and viable choice in the meta.

A (Unranked)


  • --


  • --


B Rank Edit

These monsters cannot really beat legends, but they are ok epics overall.


C Rank Edit

Monsters in this rank perform average in the game, and are recommended only if they are high ranked.

D Rank Edit

Monsters in the D Rank don't perform very well, and are not recommended.

E Rank Edit

E-Ranked lads are bad. Their stats and attacks aren't as good as most other Epic monsters, and are really not recommended.

F Rank Edit

These two monsters are so horrible, that they are beaten by Rare monsters (mostly unbreedable ones). These epics are worst to use in your team, and won't beat most monsters even if they're a higher level than them: Do NOT use these epic unless you're at (very) early game! They are basically Nebotus, but for epics.

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