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This page is work-in-progress, since the movement is this wikia isn't like in Legendary/Mythic Competitive Wikia and the Monster Legends Wikia, some pages like this, don't have all information. If you have anything to contribute, please make helpful contributions or wait for this paragraph to be removed.

The Viability Ranking is, similar to Monster Legends Competitive Wiki, a list of all Epic monsters in order of Viability. This list goes from OP Rank, where only the best Epics are listed, to the F Rank, where only Epics that are easily outclassed by others are listed. Note that stats are at level 90.

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OP Rank

These epics are too good for even the SS tier, so they get their own special tier. By far the best epics in the game, due to at least one or more insane qualities that give them the special rank of OP.




SS Rank

Restricted to the best of the best. These Epics are very good and should be your first picks when selecting epic monsters if you have no OP ones. They're easily some of the best epics in the game, and can beat some old Legendary monsters.




S Rank

These monsters, while not being as outstanding as tiers higher, still perform very well. They cut short of SS due to lower stats, trait quality, etc. They are very strongly recommended for epic restrictions.




A Rank

These monsters are usually not your first pick for an epic but still perform well when used correctly. They are still viable choices for epics and should be considered if you aren't able to obtain higher ranked monsters.




B Rank

These monsters are generally pretty average or bad and should not be used if you have better epics. However, if they must be used, they can still suffice if used properly.

B (Unranked)




C Rank

Monsters in this tier are usually heavily outdated or just plain bad. They should not be used seriously unless you are seriously desperate to use an epic, as some very high ranking rares easily outshine them.




D Rank

These monsters are trash and should never be used in any occasions unless you are forced to and have nothing better to use, because at this point high ranking rares are more viable options.




E Rank

Monsters here are so close to being the worst epics in the game, and that isn't a good thing whatsoever. They are horrible and should never be used outside of epic restrictions. Decent rares are much better than these monsters.

F Rank

Restricted to monsters that are so utterly horrid that they are beaten by most rares and some uncommons. Never use these monsters outside of epic restrictions, as almost any other monster, besides commons, will outshine them.