• Suchae34g

    Epic Duel

    December 30, 2019 by Suchae34g

    So, since Live Duels existed for while now, and I feel that Epic monsters are now kind of forgotten, I want to create a new type of Duel that popularize them more and easily assesscible for everyone. The Duel would consist of Epic monsters at LvL 90, and they will use lvl 5 Runes, and the prize will be a bit less valuable. But in return, monsters in this duel can use their Special Skill and it will be open for free.

    As stated above, it will be for free. No Gems

    If you lose twice in the duel, your duel will be over and you will get your reward based on your performance. You can also finish it if you reach 6 wins in the duel

    0 win : 2000 Gold, 1000 Food

    1 win : 5000 Gold, 3000 Food

    2 wins : 10000 Gold, 6000 Food

    3 wins : 1 Gem, 14000 Gold, 8000 Fo…

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