What's a Trait? Edit

All monsters have one Trait, which will help them in battle by giving them an immunity to one or multiple negative status effects like Burn or Freeze, or by giving them an advantage against monsters of a certain book or monsters suffering from a Torture effect. These traits can also help them when attacked by giving them stamina, etc. Note that this is all the traits available in the epic category.

Immunities Edit

These Traits give Immunity to a certain negative status effect. They can be of different kinds:

Torture Immunities Edit

Control Immunities Edit

Other Immunities Edit

  • Daze Immunity - Gives Immunity to Daze
  • Blind Immunity - Gives Immunity to Blind and Total Blind
  • Sudden Death Immunity - Gives Immunity to Instant Death and Delayed Death (Fatal Countdown)
  • Magnetize Immunity - Gives Immunity to Magnetize


Other Traits Edit

  • Abomination - Gives Immunity to all kinds of Possession, Bleed and Nightmares
  • Attuned - Regains 15 Stamina Points when hit by Weak attacks
  • Energized - Has 20% more Stamina
  • Hardened - All status effects have 20% less accuracy against this monster
  • Demon - All status effects have 20% less accuracy against this monster + Burn and Ignite Immunity
  • Artifact - Immune to ALL status effects

Trait Ranking (Epics) Edit

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