A magical golem with a heart! Terracrank has developed emotions and can think for himself. He sees the world with the eyes of a child and is amazed by its wonders.

Overview Edit

Terracrank is the first Golem SP ever created in the world of Monster legends. Unfortunately, he's almost useless in the current meta.


  • Good Life and Speed for an old Epic
  • 70 dmg move, 1 turn CD
  • Daze and Stun (not in one move, though)
  • Can breed a legendary(Rockantium)


  • Trait could be better
  • Special is lackluster
  • Generic movepool
  • High stamina costs on AoE moves

Recommended moveset Edit

גולם הענק

  • Rock Shower (70 Earth dmg, 35s, 1-turn CD)
  • Mass Shield (Applies shield to all allies, 35s, 4 turn-CD)
  • Dazing Hit / Stunning Strike / Prismatic Ray (Dazing for 40 Physical dmg + Daze, 21s, 1-turn CD) / (Strike for 25 Physical dmg + Stun, 25s, 2 turn CD) / ( Ray for 45 Magic dmg, 29s, 2-turn CD)
  • Arcane Orb / Earthquake ( Orb for 25 AoE Magic dmg, 37s, 2-turn CD) / ( Earthquake for 25 AoE Earth dmg, 37s, 2-turn CD)
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