When you guard evil, it’s normal that you become evil, too. But if you're loyal to your principles and know how to balance your duties and beliefs, you won’t have a problem staying on track.

Overview Edit

Tartarus is a cyclops that guards evil and has unique moves that probably makes one of the, if not, the strongest early epic.


  • Low cooldowns
  • Good life and power
  • Good damage output
  • Self Double Damage + 30% Heal
  • Self NER
  • Can inflict Stun and Daze
  • 25% Stamina Drain
  • Moves aren’t too stamina costly
  • Can breed two legendaries (Thorder & Deadwolf)


  • Very slow
  • Bad trait
  • Special is good, but bland: 60 AoE Earth dmg

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Atlas Support (60 Earth dmg + stun, 15s, no CD)
  • Revenge of no one (55 Magic dmg, 18s, no CD)
  • Expensive Wave (40 AoE Earth dmg, 40s, 2 CD)
  • Polyphemus Rage (30% heal + Double Damage, 12s, 2 CD)
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