When Ingenica was a girl, Captain Copperbeard was her idol, so her first Artifact, Sweeperion, was an homage to him! Sweeperion is a machine she designed to avoid having to spend time cleaning instead of playing around with her tools. Years later, it still keeps it all tidy for her.

Role: Support

Overview Edit

Sweeperion, like Inknatius, has a fancy mustache, but was unlucky to have some HORRIBLE skills. First off, its only gimmicks includes removal of effects (either positive and/or negative) from its enemies and allies alike. Not to mention he can also remove positive status effects and damage his allies (Unless your monster has Positive Effects Protected) and negative status effects from enemies. Sweeperion is awful and can't do anything alone, he's the only one alongside Rabidex in F rank, thus also the absolute worst Epic and the worst artifact in the game.


  • Nice stats ( Ironically enough )
  • Awesome trait for an Epic
  • Low Cooldowns


  • Removes allies' positive status effects and damages them
  • Removes enemies' negative status effects
  • No real damaging moves

Recommended Moveset Edit

Too much Suckage Edit

  • Upholstery Nozzle (Ally 20 Light dmg + NER, 23s, no CD)
  • Canister (30 Metal dmg + NER + PER, 26s, no CD)
  • Constellation (50 Metal dmg + NER + PER, 24s, 1-turn CD)
  • Crevice Tool (Ally 30 Light dmg + NER + PER, 26s, no CD)

Counters Edit

  • Any monster that can remove its amazing trait, or apply Artifact hater to an ally, like Ingenica and Scaraborg, can easily defeat this machine in a blink of an eye.
  • Any legendaries, the majority of epics and some rares could just crush it easily.
  • If you're looking for an Epic monster to beat him, take an all-out attacker - Control monsters and Cursers will be no good against him, since he's an Artifact. Magic attackers would be ideal, like Mothman. You can also take Soulfagous, as he can remove stamina, which isn't counted as a status effect and thus being unaffected by Sweepierion's immunity.
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