Once the brightest pupil of Rudicius, Skipples parted ways to go off on his own adventures to continue his training. Now a master in his own right, he searches for his lost love.


Skipples is an average Light/Fire epic monster. He looks a lot like Rudicius and can be used to breed Vadamagma.


  • Good trait and power
  • Decent life
  • Extra turn move
  • Self 25% Heal + Regeneration
  • Self Shield
  • 60 Light dmg
  • Can inflict Burn and Daze


  • Bad speed
  • Only inflicts Burn and Daze

Recommended Moveset

  • Great Metabolism (Heal 25% Health + Regeneration w/ 16s, 1 turn CD)
  • Fire Wall / Holy Nova (Fire Wall for 25 Fire AoE dmg w/ 37s, 2 turn CD) / (Holy Nova for 25 AoE Light dmg w/ 37s, 2 turn CD)
  • Energy Storm (60 Light dmg w/ 39s, 2 turn CD)
  • Nuclear Heat / Fire Trap (Nuclear Heat for 25 Fire dmg + Burn + Daze w/ 22s, 1 turn CD) / ( Fire Trap for 40 Fire dmg w/ 25s, 1 turn CD)
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