Sambacadabra is not just any old witch and her maracas are not just any old maracas; when she shakes them to the rhythm of the bossanova, she can heal everyone, but if she shakes them to the samba... hide!

Overview  Edit


  • Good speed and good life
  • Daze
  • Dmg Reduction
  • Low cooldowns
  • Decent power
  • NER
  • Heal allies and itself in 1 move
  • One weakness


  • Trait could be better
  • No torture moves
  • Special is suck ( is like tiny improved move of Goldfield Life Channelling and only appear in 5%)

Recommended Moveset  Edit

  • On Tempo (NER all allies w/ 25s, 0 turn CD)
  • Mambo Jambo (30 AoE Magic dmg + Daze w/ 30s, 3 turn CD)
  • Jungle Fever (50 Nature dmg + Daze w/ 28s, 1 turn CD)
  • Remedance (Heal allies by 25% health and heal itself by 20% health w/ 23s, 2-turn CD)
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