Roses are red, thorns are spiky. I’m going to kill you.

Overview Edit

Roshana is the second fastest epic in the game. She outspeeds Cryotan, Hercule, Fatid, and old legendaries before 2016. Gimmicks including self-healing, double damage, and High damaging moves

Pros: Edit

  • Decent Power stat
  • Amazing speed for an attacker (2nd fastest Epic in the game!)
  • Mostly low stamina costs
  • Great self-support moves

Cons: Edit

  • Trait and life stat could be better
  • Meh Special - AoE 50 Nature dmg + Poison
  • No AoE move besides special
  • Poison is its only damaging effect

Recommended moveset Edit

Bite me, bite me not Edit

  • Don't Want to Hurt (65 Nature dmg + Poison, 27s, no CD)
  • He's Only a Friend (75 Dark dmg, 30s, 2-turn CD)
  • First Date (15% heal + Regeneration, 15s, no CD)
  • I Love You (Double Damage + 20% Heal, 18s, no CD)

Runes: 3 Strength / 2 Strength; 1 Speed / 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed

Rosahna will be a god in epic team wars. She outspeeds everybody except Greygoyle, but who uses him? And she can heal herself and OHKO any Earth or Magic Monster with He's Only A Friend, or Don't Want to Hurt.

Counters Edit

  • Negate healing monsters, like Semargl and Cybele, can counter her self-healing moves.
  • Any Fire or Light attackers, like Kaori and Burning Rogue, can pretty much take care of her due to its glassy HP.
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