Roshana is the second fastest epic in the game. She outspeeds Shannara's Bodyguard, Exo Skeel, and most monsters made before 2016. She has a 65 Nature Damage and Poison for 0CD and a 75 Dark Damage for 2CD.

Overview Edit

Pros: Edit

  • Great Damage
  • Outspeeds most legendary monsters made before 2016 (2nd fastest epic)
  • Double Damage
  • All self support moves have 0 cooldown
  • Mostly low stamina costs
  • Great Self-support moves make you forget her low life

Cons: Edit

  • Low Life
  • Meh Special - AoE 50 Nature damage and Poison

Recommended moveset Edit

  • Don't Want to hurt (65 Nature dmg + Poison w/ 27s, no CD)
  • He's Only a Friend (75 Dark dmg w/ 30s, 2-turn CD)
  • First Date (15% heal + Regeneration w/ 15s, no CD)
  • I Love You (Double Damage + 20% Heal w/ 18s, no CD)

Runes: 3 Strength / 2 Strength; 1 Speed

Rosahna will be a god in epic team wars. She outspeeds everybody except Greygoyle, but who uses him? And she can heal herself and OHKO any earth or Magic Monster with He's Only A Friend, or Don't Want to Hurt.

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