In his country, rockball is more than a religion. Winning or losing will decide the fate of his brothers. Rockadona is not worried about that - he is the best!

Overview Edit


  • Daze
  • PER + Dmg Reduction
  • Decent Stats overall
  • CD is low
  • Shield
  • Haste


  • Trait could be better
  • No AoE move
  • No Torture move

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Assist (55 Magic dmg + PER + Dmg Reduction w/ 30s, no CD)
  • Long Ball (50 Earth dmg + Daze w/ 28s, no CD)
  • Awesome Save (40 Earth dmg + Shield w/ 19s, 1 turn CD)
  • Anything from Skill group 2
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