There’s nothing wrong with fireworks if they're handled responsibly... but Pyrotech is all about recklessness. He loves to light them all at the same time and watch them explode! His favorite day of the year? The 4th of July.

Overview [edit | edit source]

Pyrotech is a goblin-like monster that likes fireworks and 4th of July.


  • Great speed
  • Good power
  • Special does 60 AoE Fire dmg and applies Burn + Magnetize
  • Nice damage output
  • AoE Burn + Self Extra Turn
  • Somewhat low stamina costs


  • Life is lacking a little
  • Bad trait
  • Somewhat high cooldowns on best moves

Recommended Moveset [edit | edit source]

Red, White, and Boom![edit | edit source]

  • Crackle Fury (50 AoE Fire dmg w/ 34s, 3-turn CD)
  • Pyromania (45 Fire AoE dmg + Burn w/ 35s, 3 turn CD)
  • Fiery Spectacle (40 Metal dmg + Magnetize w/ 26s, 0-turn CD)
  • Making It Great Again! ( AoE Burn + Extra Turn w/ 26s, 2-turn CD)
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