Punchie is the origin of the Coulrophobia (orginally Punchiephobia) - the fear of clowns. He is good at torturing the enemy.

Overview Edit


  • Very fast
  • Ok Life and Power
  • AoE Burn
  • AoE Poison
  • AoE Stun on Special
  • PER
  • Daze


  • Bad trait
  • High Cooldowns on good moves

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Comical Bomb (50 Magic dmg w/ 30s, 1-turn CD)
  • It smells rotten, doesn't it? (30 AoE Magic dmg + Poison w/ 30s, 3-turn CD)
  • It smells like something burning! (30 AoE Magic dmg + Burn w/ 30s, 3-turn CD)
  • Hillarious Hammer / Silly Hammer (Hillarious for 45 Dark dmg + Daze w/ 27s, 1-turn CD) / (Silly for 45 Dark dmg + PER w/ 30s, 1-turn CD)
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