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Plethodons have existed since prehistoric times but they come out for a year every four centuries. If you see one, catch it! You won’t get many opportunities.


Plethodon is a Fire/Earth monster who sometimes feel like an Epic that doesn't get enough credit for having Shield moves, a pretty cool design, a mixture of different moves, and high damage.


  • Well rounded stats
  • Multiple Shield moves
  • Stun
  • Burn
  • OK damage output
  • Low stamina costs


  • Only inflicts Burn, with the exception of a Stun move.
  • High cooldowns
  • Bad trait
  • Meh special
  • No damaging Earth move

Recommended Moveset

Super Volcano Plethodon

  • Antediluvian Shield - (50% Shield to one ally w/ 28s, 4-turn CD)
  • Uncontrolled Volcanoes - (AoE 45 Fire dmg w/ 28s, Also 4-turn CD)
  • Rampage Bite - (45 Fire dmg + Stun w/ 27s, 2-turn CD)
  • Calescent Bite - (45 Fire dmg + Burn w/ 25s, 3-turn CD)