Nautilus-1 is the leader of a fleet of mechanical sea creatures deployed to protect the oceans against any possible menace. Watch out, fishermen!

Overview Edit

Nautilus-1 is an awesome attacker with good deny moves. He is the only monster in game with 3 extra turns in a normal skill. You can just deal damage, buff self with Immediate Response and AoE Freeze your enemies and the next turn you can repeat the cycle again.

Pros Edit

  • AoE Freeze
  • Prey becomes Hunter gives up to 3 Extra-Turns (one for each enemy targeted)
  • AoE Magnetize
  • Haste
  • Good AoE moves
  • Great Trait
  • Easy to rank up (Monsterwood events)

Cons Edit

  • High cooldowns on best moves
  • Lacks Negative Statuses
  • Lacks Self-Positive Statuses
  • AoE Freeze is not guaranteed to land
  • Bad Speed

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Prey Becomes Hunter (AoE Magnetize + Extra-Turn w/ 28s, 3-turn CD)
  • Glaciar Blast (AoE 35 Water dmg + Freeze w/ 35s, 4-turn CD)
  • Pressure Strike (AoE 35 Metal dmg w/ 34s, 2-turn CD)
  • Surface Strike / Immediate Response (Surface for 45 Metal dmg + Daze w/ 26s, no CD) / (Immediate for 40 Metal dmg + Magentize + Haste w/ 29s, 2-turn CD)

Recommended runes: 1 Strength; 1 Stamina; 1 Speed / 3 Speed (Denial)

Note Edit

Apparently monsters with Anticipation will gain the same amount of turns as Nautilus-1, so watch out for that. Though I guess no one will have that problem since only Legendaries have Anticipation, and who would use an Epic against a Legendary? Except for Kaori, she handles herself well against most low-Rank Legendaries.

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