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Hey! This wiki is a guide to all monsters from the Epics category of Monster Legends. Wiki created on June 2018 by AlphaOmega496.

In this Wiki will find the Viability Ranking, where all monsters are listed in order of Their Skills + Stats.

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Top 10 Epic Monsters

#10 - Volray:

Fastest epic monster in the game, decent attacks mixed with blind, stamina removal, and a spammable (but costly) extra turn aoe attack.

Runes: 1 Str, 1 Spd, 1 Stm

#9 - Mothman:

Strong stats and a very useful aoe blind and daze, for an epic monster he definitely proves useful

Runes: All speed / All team speed

#8 - Salamander

Strong epic attacker, great aoe moves that apply sticky lava, magnetised and even ignition. As far as epic attackers go, no major downsides except possibly the trait.

Runes: 2 Str, 1 Spd / If you have an additional attacker with metal / fire aoe's, then 1 Str, 2 Spd

#7 - Kaori

Extra turns, bleed and sunburn, great moveset and good stats

Runes: 2 Str, 1 Spd

#6 - Hippierion

Great moves, super low stamina costs, access to blind, daze, total damage reduction, awesome trait. Can't deal damage however unless paired with a monster that applies reverse healing

Runes: All Speed

#5 - Inknatius

Artifact, relatively strong stats, very high damage moves at the cost of quite a lot of stamina. Very good attacker though

Runes: 2 Str, 1 Spd

#4 - Ophiuchus

Has a move that many legendaries wish they could have, aoe megapossession is absolutely incredible.. however that's all this monster really has. Average stats for an epic, ok other moves with torture effects

Runes: All Speed

#3 - Postiguraf

Best stats in the game as far as epic monsters go, strong moves and useful torture effects mixed with a fantastic trait. At a high level it can easily outclass quite a few legendaries

Runes: 2 Str, 1 Spd

#2 - Bonnie Bark

Amazing deny moves that rival legendaries, solid support moves and no major downsides, definitely one to pick up if you can

Runes: All Speed

#1 - Nautilus

Who else saw this coming? Personally I adore this monster, despite the very average stats, Nautilus is an incredible attacker with a moveset to prove it. With the right moveset, he is able to use all of his moves once each in a single turn! Massive damage thanks to magnetised, can also aoe freeze, and a solid trait to back him up. I use this monster at level 120 in Legendary pvp rank, must have for basically all players.

Runes: Personally I run all Strength, but you may wish to use 2 Str, 1 Spd

~ CheeseyPickle


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