He grew up in a campsite full of humans that laughed at his terribly ugly face and his monster condition all the time, so one day, he took a chainsaw and taught them a lesson. They learnt it the hard way.

Overview Edit


  • Nice stats on the whole
  • Access to AoE Bleed
  • 60 Dark dmg with 1 CD


  • Trait is not very useful
  • Relies on Nightmares and Bleed

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Brutal Chainsaw (60 Dark dmg /31s, 1 turn CD)
  • House of Pain ( 40 AoE Metal dmg / 34s, 3 turn CD)
  • Horrendous Slaughter (55 Dark dmg + Nightmare w/ 30s, 2 turn CD)
  • Bleeding Rain (30 AoE Dark dmg + Bleed w/ 33s, 3 turn CD)
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