Mecharasu is the counterpart and a better version of Karasu. He is stronger and more technological than Karasu.

Overview[edit | edit source]


  • Faster than Karasu
  • Stronger than Karasu
  • Higher life than Karasu
  • Death countdown
  • Magnetize, Nightmare, Daze, Blind, Stun
  • 55 dmg move, No cooldown


  • Trait could be better
  • Omega Shuriken is bad ( Slow, 4 turn cooldown)
  • No AoE move

Recommended moveset[edit | edit source]

N3 Cut Mode (55 Thunder dmg + Blind w/ 26s, NO CD)

RS Magnet Slash (40 Metal dmg + Magnetized w/ 20s, 1 turn CD)

VR Enhanced Blade (45 Metal dmg + Stun w/ 28s, 1 turn CD)

Omega Shuriken or Mechajustu ( Shuriken for 60 Thunder dmg + Slow / 35s, 4 turn CD) and ( Mechajustu for 40 Thunder dmg + Daze w/ 20s, no CD)

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