Originally, Inknatius was designed to print news and books. Its memory has stored all the information ever processed, giving it an extensive vocabulary and such an acid sense of humor that it will poison everyone around it.

Role: Offensive Curser

Overview Edit

Inknatius, the portable printing press with a fancy mustache, is a decent epic offensive curser. He has a 70 Dark damage move with 0 CD (but costs a whopping 70 stamina) and an AoE 45 Metal damage with 0 CD (but with 45 stamina). The moves' stamina costs are based on how much damage the skill does, meaning Inknatius will run out of stamina quickly due to its good damage output. Despite this, it can still inflict some Poisons, Blinds, and Magnetizes. Combine this with great stats, great special (AoE 70 Dark dmg + Blind + Poison + Magnetize), and the best trait in the game, and you get a useful killing- Er.. I mean printing machine.


  • Low cooldowns
  • 70 damage, no cooldown
  • 45 AoE with no CD
  • Great stats
  • Decent variety of status effects
  • Good design
  • Best Trait in The Game


  • Eats stamina like how Matt Stonie eats a hash brown
  • Decent amount of 50% chance moves
  • Even positive status effects like Regeneration and Shields cannot be applied to this monster, as it is an Artifact.

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Ninkja Shot (70 Dark dmg w/ 70s, no CD)
  • Bombink (45 AoE Metal dmg w/ 45s, no CD)
  • Ink Waterfall (30 AoE Metal dmg + Blind + Poison w/ 30s, 2-turn CD)
  • Dark Storm (35 AoE Dark dmg + Blind. w/ 35s, no CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Stamina; 2 Stamina, 1 Power

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