Thunder and Light powers, when combined, could transform anyone into a powerful creature. Goath'el got the best of both powers... and a predilection for grass.

Role: Support/Curser

Overview Edit

Goath'el, a somewhat weird design, but still a great monster to be reckon with. Despite being labeled by the game as a “support”, none of his move has a way to buff his teammates, but still can be a powerful and dangerous curser.

Pros Edit

  • Okay Power
  • Great Spees
  • Low cooldowns
  • Can breed a legendary monster (Hasai)

Cons Edit

  • Average Life
  • Trait could be better
  • High stamina costs
  • No support moves despite being a support
  • Can only inflict Blind and Daze

Recommended Moveset Edit

Winged Goat Edit

  • Executor Thunderbolt / Final Thunderbolt (Executor for 40 Thunder dmg, 35s, 1-turn CD) / (Final for 60 Thunder dmg, 45s, 3-turn CD)
  • Shining Thunderstorm (25 AoE Thunder dmg + Daze, 40s, 2-turn CD)
  • Blinding Cluster (35 Light dmg + Blind + AoE Daze, 33s, 1-turn CD)
  • Radiant Cluster (35 Light dmg + Blind, 26s, no CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Team Speed

Counters Edit

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