Fliploch 3.png

A cruel and dark monstrosity raised from the depths of the darkest waters in the land. The Fliploch has an appetite for pain and despair; these creatures are built for battle.

Role: Attacker


Fliploch is a powerful mixture of attacker and curser.

It packs the great strenght stat, but completely opposite for its poor speed and life stats. It can be subjected by high-tier deniers concerning its disappointing trait., and many Thunder attackers can receive turns first and take few punches to defeat Fliploch. This old school breedable monster can be a decent teammate for any beginners playing the game.


  • Good strength
  • Can inflict Blind, Slow, and PER


  • Bad trait
  • Awful life
  • Bad speed
  • High cooldowns and stamina costs
  • Mostly low damage output


  • Any hard-hitting Thunder/Light monsters like Kaori and Hyperion can easily take out this predator Lapras due to its abysmal life stat.
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