Greetings! This page is dedicated for comparing Epic monsters' stats, movepool, special skill, and their traits. You can compare them if one of these conditions meet:

  • A distinctive move/skill comparable to another monster who also has a skill with the same effect (e.g. Phiuchus and Teashire's respective MegaPossession moves, Cybele and Semargl's Negate healing moves. (Note: This comparison can be qualified no matter what the role (dictated by the game) the monsters have, e.g. Cybele (a support) v. Semargl (a curser))
  • Their roles (dictated by the game itself)
  • Their movepool

Ophiuchus Vs. Teashire Edit

Here, we will compare Ophiuchus (Nature, Dark) and Teashire (Dark, Magic), whose movepools has a MegaPossession skill. First, let's compare their stats.

Stats Edit

Stats is one of, if not, the most vital aspect of a monster. It determines the capability to exert his/her damage output against his/her enemies, the survivability in the battlefield, and how much turn he/she can get in a battle.

Ophiuchus Edit


Power - 2,600

Life - 20,057

Speed - 2,760

Rank 5

Power - 3,380

Life - 35,555

Speed - 3,588

On paper, his stats is good or somewhat acceptable by Epic standards, but when you look at the highest speed stat for an epic monster (Greygoyle, 3,120) it is very average for a control monster (Yes, he still has a good speed stat but he can be outspeed by faster monsters of his kind, like Bonnie Bark.).

His Life stat is somewhat a bit lacking, but when you compare them to the other monsters at OP rank, and epics, it is also average. Meaning, he'll most likely be killed or picked of by other monster if he's not fast enough.

His power (as a control/curser) is merely useless but still has its own merits. It can also be helpful due to his cursing abilities.

Teashire Edit


Power - 2,860

Life - 19,078

Speed - 2,900

Rank 5

Power - 3,718

Life - 33,820

Speed - 3,770


Trait Edit

Ophiuchus - Poison Immunity

Teashire - Nightmares Immunity

Let's face it, their traits are really, really terrible. Unlike other monster who, at least, has an immunity from a certain control status effect (Freeze, Possession, Stun, and, to an extent, Total Blind) or has a chance to avoid it (talking about Hardened here.), they only have immunity to a certain torture effect that doesn't really affect a monster's turn or their capability to attack except chip away a little fraction of their life. But there's more to this. We will base this comparison on how effective the torture effect (that they are immune to) and the immunity itself.

First off, Poison Immunity prevents a monster from being inflicted by Poison, a Nature DoT effect that deals 5% Nature damage to total life in each turn and reduces 20% of a monster's curent power. It is strong against Magic-type monsters but weak to Nature types. On the other hand, Nightmares Immunity prevents a monster from being inflicted by Nightmares, a Dark-type DoT that deals 5% Dark dmg on total life and drains 10% of stamina each turn. It is strong against Earth-type monsters but weak against Dark-types.


Movepool, Special skill, and Versatility Edit


Conclusion Edit


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