Here is the database for ideas for new monsters. The specifications you need to fill out are:

  • Stats (Level 90)
  • Element(s)
  • Special move
  • At least skills group 3
  • A general description, if not actual image

The MOST you can do is:

  • Stats (Level 90)
  • Element(s)
  • All moves
  • Image of monster
  • Monster description
  • Events monster is in/how to obtain them
  • What "books" they're listed under
  • The relics that can they can be equipped


Automagsar Edit

These were fire soldiers were built by Kaih's smith as soldiers for him to lead. They are nimble and pack a punch and survive by eating coal and minerals that dig up. though some have gone rouge to form paramilitaries of their own and do not serve any one. not even Kaih.

Books: Dragon, Underworld, Mechanical Families

Relics: Sword, Trap

Event: Kaih's Fortress Maze


Special: Metal Heat Crash: 70 fire damage to all enemies, Ignite


Soft ore: 30 physical, 18 stamina

fire throw: 35 fire, 18 stamina

Skill Group 1:

flaming ore: 40 fire, may burn, 22 stamina

hot metal: 35 metal, all enemies, may magnetise, 1 turn cooldown, 24 stamina

Metal attack: 40 metal, 50% stun, 23 stamina

Skill Group 2:

blazing ore: 50 fire, may ignite, 2 turn cooldown, 28 stamina

metal strike: 50, may stun, 1 turn cooldown, 26 stamina

magma blast: 45 fire, all enemies, may burn, may magnetise, 1 turn cooldown, 27 stamina

Skill Group 3

ore recharge: 30% heal, double damage, 3 turn cooldown, 36

volcanic ore: 65 fire, may ignite, 2 turn cooldown, 35 stamina

metal assault: 60 metal, may stun, 3 turn cooldown, 32 stamina

Codex (AnIdiotFromSpace94) Edit

Event: Monsterwood Videos, El colosal Thunder/Magic, Lexonomicon Maze

Books: Evil Legions, Villains, Spirits

Relics: Staff, Amulet

Role: Control/Curser

Many years ago, Lex defeated his mentor and father-figure Codex, to thwart his plans of conquering the whole universe. He managed to trap him in his magical and powerful pen he used for evil. In an unknown point of time, the pen finally departed from Lex's hand in exchange for the restoration of the books Bigger Brother extracted from the Great Library. At last, the pen arrived in the Monster Legends' realm, laying in the ground, lifeless. One day, Chordim, a well known wizard in the realm, along with Pandalf, found the pen. “I wonder where this majestic pen came from? It's so mysterious yet so fascinating...”.

Defaul moves

  • Lex's Mentor - Deals 25 Physical damage to one enemy
  • Evil Professor - Deals 30 Thunder damage to one enemy

Skills Group 1

  • Book Throw - Deals 35 physical dmg on one enemy. Apllies bleed on all enemies
  • Pen Boomerang - Applies a Random Torture effect on one enemy.
  • Beak Stab - Deals moderate Physical Damage to one enemy. Applies Bleed on one enemy)

Skills Group 2

  • Pen Dissemination - Deals moderate Magic dmg to one enemy. Disables Trait on one enemy. Applies a random (non DoT/Control) negative effect on all enemies. Gains one extra turn. (Trait Disabled + AoE RNE + Self Extra Turn, 35s, 3 CD)
  • Energetic Emancipation - Drain 15% of total life on one enemy. Deactivates cooldowns on its own skills. (Self 15% Life Drain + CDDA, 0s, 3 CD)
  • Interruption Ray - 50% Chance of applying Reverse Healing and Regeneration. (AoE 50% Chance of Regeneration + 50% Chance of Reverse Healing, 30s, 2 CD)

Skills Group 3

  • Power Surge - Applies a random positive effect on ally team. (Team RPE, 15s, 2 CD)
  • Pen Blast - Deals Heavy Thunder damage to one enemy. 50% chance of (non-mega) random control effect on one enemy then all enemies. (50 Thunder dmg + 50% NM-RCE + AoE 50% NM-RCE, 45s, 5 CD)
  • Book Slap - Applies stun on one enemy. Activate all cooldowns on the enemy team. (Stun + AoE CDA, 41s, 4 CD)


  • The Power of the Pen - Removes Positive status effects on enemy team. Applies 1 (any) random control status effect (Stun, Freeze, Possession, Corruption, Time Stop, Baby Reversion and its mega versions) to all enemies. Applies Positive Effects Blocked to all enemies. Activate cooldowns on itself. (AoE PER + RCE + PEB + Self CDA)

(Note from the author: RCE = Random Control Effect)

Pros Edit

  • Self CDDA
  • Trait Disabled
  • Various status effects
  • Amazing Special
  • Great Speed

Cons Edit

  • Awful Life
  • Massive cooldowns
  • CDDA drains 15% of its life
  • High stamina cost on best skills

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Book Slap
  • Pen Blast / Power Surge
  • Energetic Emancipation
  • Pen Dissemination

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed/Team Speed

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