Forget about all those cutesy fairy tale unicorns. Eburwin is not the kind of creature you will see galloping under a rainbow. We're talking about a solemn Light warrior that fight for justice to the end.

Overview Edit

Eburwin is not the normal unicorn you see in fairy tales. It is a Attacker/Supporter horse warrior that will fight for justice until the end.


  • Good speed and life
  • Special gives Double Dmg + Precision to all allies
  • Decent power and status effects
  • Team NER
  • 60 Metal dmg
  • Dmg Boost + Precision + 15% Stamina


  • Bad trait
  • Lots of 50% chance moves
  • Mostly low damage output

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Brutal Goring ( 60 Metal dmg w/ 32s, 1 turn CD)
  • Horse Soul / Horse Power (Horse Soul for AoE NER w/ 30s, 2 turn CD) or (Horse Power for Dmg Boost + Precision + 15s w/ 27s, no CD)
  • Magnetic Feathers (30 AoE Metal dmg + Magnetize w/ 35s, 3 turn CD)
  • Sharp Feathers (50 Metal dmg + Blind w/ 29s, 2 turn CD)
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