Duchess is the second golem ever created in Monster legend (After Terracrank)

Overview Edit


  • Fast and good life (Faster than terracrank a bit)
  • 70 dmg move, 1 turn CD
  • AoE blind in Special
  • Dazing and Stun
  • Can breed a legendary monster(Vadamagma)


  • Trait could be better
  • AoE move is bad
  • Bad power (at least it better than Terracrank

Recommended moveset Edit

Rock Shower (70 Earth dmg / 35s, 1 turn CD)

Mass Shield (Applies shield to all allies w/ 35s, 4 turn CD)

Dazing Hit/ Stunning Strike/ Prismatic Ray (Dazing for 40 Physical dmg + Daze w/ 21s, 1 turn CD) / (Strike for 25 Physical dmg + Stun w/ 25s, 2 turn CD)/ ( Ray for 45 Magic dmg/ 29s, 2 turn CD)

Arcane Orbs/ Earthquake ( Orb for 25 AoE Magic dmg/ 37s, 2 turn CD) and ( Earthquake for 25 AoE Earth dmg / 37s, 2 turn CD)

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