Dragonian Beast

Dragonian Beast.png

This rolling beast is related to Dragons; it shares their appetite and their powerful capabilities. Missing wings? No problem; it can roll!

Role: Attacker/Denier


The Dragonian Beast is one of the first Epic monsters released in the game. Unlike most monsters like it, however, it is easy to use and dangerous. It has good health and strength, but it lacks speed. It is still a scary opponent if used correctly.


  • Nice health
  • Acceptable power stat
  • AoE Stun
  • Two 50 damage skills with no cooldowns
  • Very low cooldowns overall
  • Easy rank up since it is breedable.
  • Can breed a legendary (Deadwolf)


  • Special attack only inflicts daze and slow
  • Low speed
  • Bad trait


  • Any monster with stun immunity can easily counter his only form of denial. The perfect counter is Hellberus, who has stun immunity and has more speed.
  • Even if Dragonian Beast does get a turn, it still can't deny Hellberus, as he is immune to Stun, his only form of denial. Not to mention Hellberus's high damaging Dark and Fire moves, the elements that Dragonian Beast is weak to.
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