Here are all the Epic Monsters in Monster Legends that can apply Damage Protection to decrease damage from certain elements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Epic must have at least one Damage Protection move (Special doesn't count) in order to be put in the list.

Protections that apply to Epics Edit

Dark Protection Epics Edit

  • Kaori - Self-Dark Protection + Possession Immunity + Precision + extra-turn
  • Panzus - AoE Dark Protection

Metal Protection Epic Edit

Special Protection Epic Edit

  • Panzus - AoE Special Protection + NER, AoE Special Protection

Water Protection Epic Edit

  • Kaori - Water Protection + Freeze Immunity + Damage Boost + extra turn

Elemental Protection that don't apply to any Epics Edit

  • Fire Protection
  • Nature Protection
  • Earth Protection
  • Thunder Protection
  • Light Protection
  • Magic Protection
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