This giant ocean creature wanted to be a pirate, but he was born in the wrong place: under the sea! Despite this, he made his dream come true by himself and built a pirate ship on his back. He’s the captain and his crew is formed by crabs and seagulls!

Role: Denier/Support

Overview Edit

Avaast is a strong denier and attacker, one of the most powerful snails on Earth! He's a great ally to have in your team. He do have some flaws, though, keeping him away from higher ranks.

Pros Edit

  • AoE Freeze
  • Decent damaging moves
  • Acceptable Trait
  • Low stamina costs
  • Can protect his team (30% AoE shield and 50% single shield)

Cons Edit

  • Average stats, especially speed for a denier
  • Terrible Special
  • PER and Shield Breaker counter his shields
  • Only Freeze as AoE deny
  • High cooldowns (around 2-4)

Recommended Moveset Edit

Gary Come Home! Edit

  • Sand Tower / Bottle O'Rum (Tower for Ally 50% Life Shield, 22s, 2 CD) / (Rum for 30 Water dmg + 50% Stamina Removal, 25s, 3 CD)
  • Man O'War (30 AOE Water Damage + Freeze, ,33s 4 CD)
  • Mutiny / Ahoy, Matey! (60 Earth Damage + Stun, 2CD) / ( Matey for 40 Earth Damage + Stun, 26s, 0CD)
  • Sand Castle (Team 30% Life Shield, 27s, 4 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Speed, 1 Strength / 3 Speed / 1 Strength, 1 Team Speed, 1 Life

Counters Edit

  • Any possessing monster quicker than him (shouldn't be very hard) can deny him, and with a little luck make him use his AOE freeze on his buddies. Stunning him would be good too.
  • Monsters with Mountain or Stun/Freeze immunity trait make him useless as they are immune to Stun and Freeze.
  • Good Thunder or Dark attackers could easily own him, being a water monster and thus weak to the aforementioned elements. Kaori or Inknatius would do a good job.
  • Anyone who can remove his shields (via PER or shield breaker) applied to his allies would be good to counter his gimmick. Good PER users includes Cybele and Musu. Good shield breaker users includes Sir Francis Rock and R.O.F.L.
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